My background in computers goes back many years. My first computer was a Vic20, which was the first computer with color.
This aroused my interest in not just computers, but also electronics, which I have since worked with at a hobby level.
I have for many years been the happy owner of an Amiga4000, which I unfortunately had to rid myself of.
It was not until 1998 that I acquired my first PC.
It was purchased for the sole purpose of being able to program in Java, which unfortunately is not possible on the Amiga.
I have since, however, primarily used PC.
What I mainly use my PC for is to program various small utilities that I need from time to time.
I finished my education as computer programmer in 2001.
I have since then worked as an IT Admin.

I have all my life (as fas as I remember) been building Lego.
All through the 80's I bought all the Lego Technic that my pocket money allowed.
Around the time I turned 14, other things caught my interrest :-) and it was not intil the winter of 2012 I began building Lego again.
I have since then used my skills with computers to try to build Lego instructions of various custom sets, so that other beginners, like me can try to build some of the great sets, that is build by Lego enthusiasts around the world.